Caterpillar Time

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This is the perennial, Butterfly Weed.  I've heard a caterpillar can live it's whole life on it. Our plant is right outside our basement living room window.  We can see the undersides of leaves and go undetected from the little critters.

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Here is our biggest caterpillar (they are all monarchs). They range from tiny to medium, big, larger and largest.  I wonder if it'll be only a few days till the largest turns into a cocoon?  We'll wait and see.
Meanwhile I've been talking caterpillars with friends and my good friend, Jenn called with news that they found swallowtail caterpillars on their carrots!  They pulled them off and their kids, Ella & Claire have been watching them in a fish bowl.  So after we said our good-byes off we went to look at our carrots.

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This is all we found (actually many more carrots we haven't dug yet).  A little disappointing until Jenn texted they can wipe out the host plants if you aren't careful.  Now Claire and Ella will have caterpillar hunting chores.  A fun chore I'd say.  How about you, have you seen any caterpillars?

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