Vacation- Part Two, Bemidji State Park

Upon talking to the locals about our camping plans for the rest of the week, we got the feeling we should check out Bemidji State Park since it was only a 20 minute drive.   We arrived and drove through to pick our site.  We lucked out with a great wooded, private sight.

We borrowed this great pop-up camper from Sue and Steve Hansen (Thank you!) and it suited us well.  Comfy beds, storage for clothes, food, and all the camping goods.

So we began our weekly schedule:
wake (8ish, what a treat!)
make breakfast
hike, swim, or just hang out
hike, swim, or just hang out
hike or bonfire
settle down (took about 1 hour each night)

What a good time.  At Bemidji we enjoyed the Bog Walk, trails, and beach.  Sarah (Keir's cousin) & Seth along with Tessa, Isaiah and Micah came for a visit one evening for supper, smores, and Bog walk.  Thanks for filling us in on all the local trees, plants (esp. poison ivy all around our camp) and just getting to know you better!  You guys are great.  We truly enjoyed out time with you.

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