Eme's celebration

From Eme's celebration


Eme's celebration
">HERE for pictures of Eme's special day.

For breakfast, we went to the local airport fly-by pancake breakfast. We saw all kinds of airplanes, old cars and had yummy pancakes, eggs, and sausage.

Then we had friends and family over for Emerson's birthday. She's two this week! Thank you all for a special & memorable day and great gifts and birthday wishes. She was thrilled and is enjoying playing with the new toys.

Emerson at 2 years old
Loves hopping, dancing, reading & looking at books.
Stands up for herself
Likes what ever her brother likes
Loves going to school & Jeanne's house
Crazy about Grandma & Grandpa and her big brother
Shy to new commers
The light of our days and dream of our hearts.  

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  1. Happy Birthday Eme!!! Sorry we missed your celebration. Sure glad we got to see you at the Vokal cabin last weekend!

    The Vokals