Hooo'd of thought?

Here are my last two-hoo sewing projects. A little friend to keep our Hallie company while she mends from appendicitis. One for Griffin too-hoo.

Here is Emerson trying to crawling. She's working hard at figuring it out and eventually gets frustrated. I keep telling her she needs to work on balancing on one hand, but she's just not sure how. She'll figure it out in due time. It's not like we need another mobile child at this time. It's nice that Griffin can play without close supervision 24-7. And now that we spend a lot of time in the basement it's nice to have Griffin able to roam up and down with out a gate to worry about. Looking back at Griffin's first year it says he didn't crawl until around 8 months, so she's ahead of schedule being only 6 months.

We were up at Troy & Megan's for Valentine's day. Grandma Janis had them busy at making cut-out cookies. Boy did they have fun cutting and decorating. Many tastings later, there were are few cookies left... which Mama had a good time testing!

Griffin and the Bishop twins had a great time at the Children's Museum. The "girls" (babies and Mamas) had a good time watching them climb, play in the water, work at the blocks, etc. What a great place. Emerson and Teagan were born on the same day, so it was a pleasure meeting Teagan and comparing notes. Those Bishop twins are good helpers with the babies and any peep they made one of them came running to try to help. Thanks, Becky & Eric, for hosting us for the night!


I yub you

Yubs to you this Valentine's Day. It is so sweet to hear those three words from Griffin's little mouth. I warms my heart every time he says it.

Here's a couple sweet shots of our little love bugs.



winter, winter... warm up!

Grandma made the kids roll-brim hats while were there for a visit. Thanks!

I love watching Emerson grab her toes and play. She can be so happy and has lately started giving a big smile when you catch her eye from across the room. She is finally growing out of her 0-3 month sleepers, but is quite the little bundle. While laying on her tummy she likes to get up on her hands and knees and rocks like she's ready to crawl. I've started talking to Griffin about Emerson getting to his toys and needing to find an Emmy toy for her instead of just taking his toy from her. Emerson is now eating two "meals" a day. She is quite proud but still needs a bit more practice so most of it doesn't end up on her chin.

Griffin is ready for a warm up. I am hopeful that it's true we will be getting a heat wave of 36 degrees today. Everyone will enjoy our daily walks again... mom, the dogs and the kids! He has done relatively well this month as we haven't gotten out to play on the pond as much as we'd like, but he's ready for the fresh air and change in our day.

I have taken to some indoor hobbies this summer including baking, cooking and sewing. I started with a flannel baby quilt with the guidance of my mother. Thanks to Mary, Keir's mom, I didn't need to buy a machine but am using her Singer. I am still learning the tricks of sewing and have considered taking a class, but mom teaches me something new every time we get to Lamberton. I have also made a blanket for Em, rag quilt, and changing pad. I am currently working on a nuk clip and basket liner. I have been inspired by etsy.com and the cute baby things I see there! The internet has been a great place for inspiration and free patterns! Here's a picture of the rag quilt I made with much assistance!