speaking of toot & puddles

For those of you with no children... skip this post! Mamas & Dadas HHHEEEEEYYYYYLLLLPPP (as Griffin says)!

Any words of wisdom on toilet training? And I do mean toilet... we've went through 3 pair of pants already this morning (however we did wake @ 5:45). Puddles on the floor (which I have him clean up). I see Grace goes every 20 minutes, but when I say, "Let's sit on the potty." He replies, "I do not like to sit on the potty." Every time he wants to do something different I try to get him to sit on the potty before we "can" do whatever it be. However the last 3 minutes he has been putting stickers on his calendar every time he goes on the potty and has earned 4... now 5 stickers. I doubt this excitement will last all day. So tell me your tricks mamas of toilet-going children!

Second question... no poo on the potty yet. He seems to be unable or uncomfortable with it. I just ordered Every Poops, we'll see if this helps. I'm worried he's going to have a problem since he holds it. Any thoughts?

For those of you with no children... skip this post!

the start of the growing season!

How exciting to see dew on the plants & grass this morning. It coaxed me out to see what has grown since we left on Friday. Here you see our spinach (Baby's Leaf Hybrid) and Sweat Peas. We also planted a mix of lettuce that is peaking it's little heads too. These three are great to grow in the early spring when it's too early for most other veggies, you can also get your broccoli, onions and a few others in now! They like the cold. Here's a link from the UofMN Extension telling us when we can plant what!



cloth diapering while away

We went away for the weekend up to visit my family in the cities. After cloth diapering for about two weeks, I didn't want to put the kids back in disposables for the weekend since I was used to doing cloth. However I found it takes quite a bit of planning to prepare do so. I figured out after the kids took their naps that I should be washing all the cloth diapers. I didn't want them sitting dirty all weekend & so we'd have enough to use until we got home. We have 20 total. We usually don't use all of them because Griffin only uses them when napping or out of the house and I wash them every-other day. Do do prepare the diapers, I'd have to put the kids in disposables while washing them. Unfortunately I did not get the diapers washed and dried before we left, so it was back to the tossing of the diapers for the weekend. I also would have dreaded trying to get them washed before going to bed when we got home or while visiting up in the cities. So all turned out okay... but next time I'll be ready to try cloth on the go!


Trav is 30!

Yes, Travis is 30 today! Happy Birthday little brother! As some of you know, Travis and I have a special relationship only being 2 years apart, but then Travis has a personal relationship with all of his family and friends. We shared many years in high school & college hanging out together. He's more outgoing (and funnier) than I, so he always has me laughing. I do miss our special moments together since he's moved to Rochester and as I am tackled by the two little tykes. Trav is a great uncle to the 7 nieces & nephews of his and he never forgets to do a little rough-housing with each one of them! If you've met Travis you know he is very social and one of the friendliest people you'll ever meet; making him an excellent nurse. We love you, Travis! Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Grandma Janis!

My dear mother turns... 50something today. I thought I'd better not give out the exact age just in case she would mind all of you knowing. She is a very gentle soul, wonderfully creative, a great cook & hard working. I love her dearly as does the rest of my family. Thanks mom for being such a great mother and grandmother. We hope your day is filled with specialness & we look forward to celebrating with you this weekend!


Nappies going well

Emerson isn't jazzersizing... she's just sporting her new BabyLegs (similar to leg warmers). Then we don't have to worry about her little knees when she crawls & about fitting that bubble-butt in pants.

The cloth diapering is going pretty well. I was amazed when the shipment of Charlie's Soap arrived. It claims it's environmentally safe, safe, non-toxic while it works great on grease, blood, grass, blood, mildew, mustard, pine sap and poo! Currently, the last is most important. It is also flame retardant! Safe & effective for all fabrics including: silk, wool, linen, cotton and high-tech microfiber athletic and waterproof gear.
Uses only 1/8 cup per large washload, Contains no dyes, phosphates, UV brighteners or perfumes! Removes entrapped odors from microfiber athletic wear,
Hypoallergenic - Perfect for those who have sensitive skin, Will not fade your colors Non-toxic and completely biodegradable, Front-loader / HE compatible.

Can I say how great this sounds! I thought I'd just use it on diapers, but am switching 100%. Unfortunately there are only 4-5 retail locations in MN. Luckily I have about 120 loads left to get to one of them for our next jug.

Back to the cloth diapers (CD for short). I have felt very good about only adding 2 diapers a day to the trash (the night time diapers for both Griffin & Emerson). The cloth diapers fit pretty well. The only problem I've had is wet on the front of Emerson's pants after a nap the other day, a poo leg today and a little poo residue left in the pleated part of the elastic on the diaper after the wash. The first two accidents I'm going to chalk up to an inexperienced cloth diaper putter-on-er. I'm still not sure what snaps they should be on and what the fit should look like. Non-the-less my little mover, Emerson loves to roll and try to get out of diapering all-together.

So that's the update on cloth diapers!


Em's Giggles

Those baby laughs. I just want to bottle them for a dreary day. Here Emerson is looking at Luci. Luci was sitting on the deck smiling in the sun. Apparently Emerson thought it was something to laugh about!

BumGeniuses have arrived!

Did I spell that write (hehe, i know, right)? BumGenius', BumGenius's, I'm not quite sure... Mr. Rise would be ashamed. You fill me in on the correct spelling plz! Anyway, these diapers are cute! Emerson and Griffin (until that rascal is potty trained) will be sporting BumGenius in white, zinnia, blossom, buttercup, ribbit & grasshopper (unfortunately they were out of clementine). Pictures will be soon to follow. The diapers are in the wash & the kids are sleeping.

Does Grandma want them the experience of cloth diapers tonight (if she babysits)? Just like old times, but a little easier. I'm just dreading the first poo in the diaper. Many cloth diaper mamas train their infants to poo in the potty. We'll start on that! I can't even get my 2 year old to poo in the potty. Any suggestions?

The prize for pooing in the potty for Griffin is a Case IH tractor & plow. As we drove through the implement today to check out the cool machines it hit me that they would sell tractors! We have been discussing this prize for awhile now. So in we went and quite a selection they had! Mama hid it away until the task is completed. Go, Griffy, Go!


cloth diaper decision

Well we have committed to trying cloth diapers! After seeing that our trash can was 1/2 full of diapers every week, I feel obligated to seek a different outcome to the excess. After researching and talking to friends who cloth diaper, I have decided NOT to go the pin method, but with BumGenius diapers. The technology of cloth diapers these days! These come in one size (7-35 lbs.) and have velcro (for our little movers who make diapering a challenging sport!) They have a microfiber insert that goes in a pocket between a waterproof outer-layer and soft lining that keeps the kido dry. Can you believe it?! We'll see how it goes as the shipment should arrive in a few days.


Easter Bunny- a hit

or should I say the candy was a hit. Finally Griffin is back to eating regular meals now that he is no longer eating candy. I should have known that eating candy would decrease his appetite for healthy, nutritious food. And now that I think of it, he's back to acting normal again too. Easter night, Keir put him to bed and came to tell me of Griffins "spasms," His quick and high voice saying, "I need drink, I need a toy, Cover me up!" Luckily, the Easter Bunny only comes once a year!