Fav best of cd

Griffin just got a new set of cds that aren't the regular old kids tunes... they are something I like too! Keir and I both like #2 better than CD #1, but they are both good!


Is it a girl?

I tell ya, I can't get enough sweets. Keir says, "Where did those peanut m&m's go?" Did he forget he has a pregnant wife? I don't know if the sweet tooth was this bad with Griffin, but if it's sweet, I want it! Rhubarb crisp, carrot cake, ice cream... the more sugar the better? Is it a sweet (toothed) little girl in there? Ladies with daughters... did you notice a need for the sweets when prego?

Underwear Model

Have you seen the newest male underwear model? He thinks he's pretty cool when he gets to trot around in these.

Here are some pics from Mother's Day


Emergency Exit

Griffin loves being out on the deck, and if the door isn't open, he'll find a way!