It's been a rainy spring here in MN.  After a nice supper with the neighbors, were were surprised by a double rainbow for dessert!


 Exploring one day we climbed a hill in a local park and found this majestic sight at the top!
Beautiful trees everywhere.  Funny how trees can take my breath away.
Brings me back to Itasca State Park and this sight below.

it's one of our favorites

Simple as it is, washing stuff is one our favorite activities to do outside on a nice day.  
What is your favorite thing to do on a nice day?



Finally we were able to get outdoors for a hike with some friends.
This April was rainy and cold for the most part.  Out of the 4 dates we had planned for Let's G.O. (Get Outside), only two were nice, the first and last week of the month.  Weather can definitely be a barrier to getting kids outdoors!

 My Master's paper is complete and my degree is complete!  Now to enjoy summer!  
 I'm planning spending lots of days on the bikes, at parks, hiking, camping, working with vacation bible school with my nieces (so excited), and just taking it slow!  
What are your plans for getting outside this summer?