sewing for valentines

It is blustery out there today. This weather makes me happy to sit inside and craft while the kids are sleeping. Valentine's making has been on my mind and I came across some inspiration on Made today, so away I went with the left-over felt, red thread and the old Singer (1960-1970's model). First I made garlald made with all sizes of hearts. I had a few left over, so I sewed them on the cards I picked up in Target's dollar aisle.

Hum, I have another idea for a card, will see if I can pump it out and post before the kids wake!
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outdoors finally

From Drop Box

Cabin fever. It's been so cold here we haven't been to the park in almost two months! I have been craving outdoor walks. Finally it warmed up to nearly 35 degrees yesterday. So, off we went to the park with hockey sticks and skates in tow. I wish Eme would keep her gloves on so we could stay out longer. We also went on the pond to see if Nathan and Sophia were catching fish. He caught a couple of 10 inchers! Now, can we get the ice in shape to skate for the rest of the winter?

Good Morning Frost

We have been having the most beautiful frosty mornings here in Minnesota.

"If a solid surface is chilled below the dew point of the surrounding air and the surface itself is colder than freezing, frost will form on the surface. Frost consists of spicules of ice which grow out from the solid surface. The size of the crystalsdepends on time, temperature, and the amount of water vapor available." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frost

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Happy Birthday G!

Griffin had his 3rd birthday party today.  He decided at least 6 months ago it should be a Cars birthday party.  Thank you Jan for sending the cake pan & decorations down. Everything was a hit for kid and parent alike.  We decided to do a friends party this year. After much entertaining this holiday season, we were a bit tuckered out of the large group craziness (it good craziness every month or so, not 4 times a month).   Anyway, the little neighbor friends came over for some fun, they each made their own pizza, we ate pizza, we had cake, opened presents, and played some more.  Also, two of the top people on his list came to see him for a couple of days, Grandma & Papa.  He loved having them here (as we all did).  It was a special treat for him.  Also, thanks Papa for helping get the basement bathroom finished.  We are quite pleased with how it turned out (like Griffin would say).  Which reminds me of something he said today, "I'm nervous about ..."  It's funny to hear him try out new words.  Of course he had nothing to be nervous about, but had to use it.  He's quite the little guy.  Still loves his hockey (now he sports a helmet, elbow pads & hockey gloves... and that's playing alone inside).  His favorite movie is Cars and favorite TV show is Dinosaur Train, while his favorite book is The Beginner's Bible.  Dinos, trains, reading books and playing cars are on his daily to-do list.  He's quite the active little boy doing almost anything that is posed to him (skating, sledding, riding bike, soccer, baseball, jumping from heights, rolling down hills, hiking, climbing, etc.)  He's a boy's boy... except when he asks to wear tights, sparkly shoes, tutu's and tiaras like his sister or cousins.  We love him like crazy.  Happy Birthday Buba.