A beautiful day of motherhood

I just realized, it's lunch time and we've had a perfect day thus far. We woke up at 8 and layed in bed for a bit babbling and talking... yes, I say layed in bed because Griffin kept on waking up every hour or two, so finally after 6-8 trips to his bedroom during the night I succumbed to bring him in our bed at 4:30 hoping for a couple more hours of uninterrupted sleep. So, waking up an hour to an hour and a half past the usual was a treat. We started the morning off in the usual way- changing diaper & clothes, getting Luci & Greta (which reminds me I didn't hear Greta begging me out of bed at 6:30 either) and feeding them, then having breakfast (no oatmeal on the floor or in hair!). Playing nicely while Mama made some Rice Crispy Treats until 10 upon which I decided we should head for a walk before the day reaches the high temp of 81 degrees. A perfect walk in which we saw a backhoe digging a house and a skiddy... a couple of Griffin's favorite things. We stopped to play in the park and he was ready to walk back home (Mama didn't have suggest it). So he walked almost the whole way home with me pushing the stroller and Luci and Greta by his side. When we arrived home we played in the backyard and enjoyed the umbrella shade and breeze. He played in his 2" of water in his pool, getting his shorts wet, so ran around in his muscle short onsie that reads "king of my castle" and hat with no shoes the rest of the time. Quite cute I must say. Lunch time came and we went inside (I had run inside to pop in a pizza w/ Cook Time on so it would shut off when time was up) and ate broccoli from the garden & pizza... no fuss. Ah, that's what motherhood should be about... no stress. I guess if I wasn't rushed here and there and didn't have to calm a crabby kid, I wouldn't appreciate the wonderful mornings like today.


Happy Dad's Day!

A snapshot of Keir being an awesome dad. As you can see, Griffin perfers Daddy's rides in a wagon.

Griffin loves his papas... Here's Papa Nickel making him giggle.

Keir and his dad working on the computers... surprise, surprise. Like father like son!

Happy Father's Day, Dads! Everyone deserves a dad like you!


Griffin sees the animals

We talk and talk about animals and their sounds, now he got to see/hear it for himself. Griffin sure did smile and laugh watching the animals at the MN zoo. Keir and I had a great time too. Meg and the girls met us there to add to the excitement! The kids enjoyed the farm animals and the dolphins and Discovery Bay. Keir and I enjoyed the Tropics Trail especially the gibbons. They are fun to watch swing around. See them here on the webcam.

Here are our pictures of the day!


Summer is here! Here as some of Griffin's favorite things to do outside: play with the dog's water dish, swing, wagon rides, push his lawn mower, play in the pool (or any water), go to the park, send the trucks down the hill and he giggles his head off when he rolls down the hill. Enjoy your summer! We're taking a trip to the zoo this week, look for pics to come!

Baby Progress!

We're at the 29 week mark and have set the date for scheduled c-section August 18th. The baby's birthday will be 08-18-08... yes I am a number person. Keir's born 11-1-74, me 5-25-77, and Griffin 1-11-07.

Baby now weighs about 2.5 lbs. and is 15" long... feels like he/she's bigger than that when it does it's tumbling routine daily.

This little one will have many friends close in age. Here's who's expecting and what they're having if we know or have had him/her!

Erika & Matt Esterby: it's a boy! Kasen was born March 30th.. Congrats! Kyan is now a big brother! That makes 7 boys-0 girls from 4 families of the Mankato group!

April:Carrie & Jerome Brown had a girl April 24 & named her Joslynn.

June: Sara & Nathan Brown had Parker William on June 13th. Sophia is adjusting well!
Lee & Chris Edberg (surprise)

Kari & Dave Henry (girl)

We will go in for a c-section August 18... is it a boy or girl?
Becky & Eric Bishop (girl) on the 25th!

Shannon & Jason Beal (surprise)
Doug & Kim Woodgate (surprise)