Welcome Baby!

The day came and there was supposed to be a baby coming. So my ear was to the ground as I waited to hear of the news. I checked my phone, texts, email and Facebook.  Nothing!  Time to put this energy to use, so I finished these hooded towels.  Grandma Janis made Griffin, Eme, Maya & Grace hooded towels for Christmas one year and they are our favorites.  We also have one from Grandma Mary that a lady up at MSU made.  So looking at ours, I made one for each big sister, Claire and Ella.  And the last one I had to wait on the name.  Was it a girl or boy?  My guess was boy.  But finally, the text came.  Ashlynn Ray was born.  By the hair on this baby, you can guess it's Nate and Jenn's.  She has Nate's hair & isn't she beautiful?  In the texts from Jenn that day she had spelled Ashlyn and I said wait a minute, one "n" or two?  We don't know yet. So I left two.  We went to see her on Thursday night.  They are all doing well.  And Jenn loved the towels.  I think I'll be pulling the last "n" off. The two of them never talked about the spelling of the name.  When we were there the nurse, Jenny (who I coached in volleyball), came to ask her on the spelling.  Here Nate spelled the middle name Ray, and Jenn was thinking Rae.  So how did it turn out Jenn & Nate?

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Nerstrand State Park

We had a super fun time camping at Nerstrand Big Woods State Park. It's a great camping park with wooded lots, tent pads, nice facilities, lots of birds, great hiking, and this cool waterfall. Both G & E enjoyed their first camping trip of the year. Sleeping in the tent, having a picnic at every meal, playing in the woods (climbing and walking on fallen trees & exploring), the campfire & smores. They enjoyed all of it. Thanks Amy & Joel for going with us. We had so much fun getting to know you better & learning birding facts like a pilliated wood pecker pecks 8-10 holes before using on for a nest. And Nerstrad is a great place to see the red headed woodpecker who won't be around here for much longer due to the reduction of dead trees (it's habitat). Here's an article about them from MPR
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Rainy Day Activity

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It's raining cats & dogs today.  A great day for a blue heron to wander around the pond, but not to play for an extended time outside.

Pardon my low quality picture, it's just so easy to grab my phone and upload to picasa compared to my camera. Using the camera I need to shoot and then plug in, upload to the computer and then upload to the internet.
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So here is what we spent a little time doing today.  Griffin made two bracelets out of fruit loops.  Eme (only 20 months) enjoyed the activity, but ate them off as soon as she put them on.  We use yarn (tied twice at the end) and taped on to a toothpick for easy threading.  Fruit loops are big and easy for Eme, while you could also use Cheerios for older children like Griffin.  It requires a little more concentration if you are looking for a longer activity.

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Happy Mama's Day

Mama's Day, a most important day to celebrate the wonderful mothers in your life and in your children's lives.  We had a wonderful weekend celebrating with the grandmothers and my sister.  We went with my parents and sister & her kids went to Red Lobster feast (sorry no pic of this).

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We celebrated with Keir's mom at Pub 500. 
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And here's my sister with her two wonderful kids.  Lora is like a second mom to my kids.  I think they could live with her for weeks and not miss me.

Thank you to all the people who step in to be a Mama to my children when I'm away or standing right there.  Grandma Janis, Grandma Mary, Lora, Megan, Jeanne, Sarah, Jenn, Heather & Jesse.  We love you all and celebrate you in our lives.  


Baby Stuff Sale- this way!

It's that time of year, the annual city wide garage sale weekend. I've been putting away boxes for the last year, stated cleaning the garage a month ago (it needed a HUGE cleaning), started the let's simplify attitude for the last year or so, and have been making signs, marking, hanging clothes, toys, and everything that has to do with baby or is no longer used around here. Tomorrow is the big day. I even had the morning "can't sleeps" thinking of all there is still to do- finding a way to post the signs.

Now I see I have a attraction to shoes and hats.

So long baby toys!

Thank you Jenn & Nate for making and borrowing these awesome cloth racks!

I feel like I'm a teacher again. Preparing meals (not lessons) for two days in advance and getting everything laid out for the babysitters. Thanks Jeanne for being so great and taking the kids for the whole day. You are so great and the kids LOVE you ooodles... as do I!
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Cooper- we'll miss you

Lora, Taylor and Derek you are in our thoughts upon the lost of your pal, Cooper.

Little Cooper was killed by their neighbor dog. They didn't expect it as the dog has been pretty gentle before. So as a parent, this reminds me that dogs are unpredictable no matter the history. We've been working hard to teach the kids not to wreastle with or pick on the dogs as you never know when they will have enough.

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