Vacation- Part One, Family Reunions

I believe I said this two years ago, but I really never thought I'd look forward to and enjoy family reunions (esp. those of my husband's family).  But again, the Hood family reunion was the exception.  Thank you to Mary & Jim Hood for so graciously hosting and allowing us to set up the camper on your farm for the weekend.  It was a great home for those three nights and we were sad to leave.

We enjoyed all the festivities and visiting with relatives from all over (Bemidji, Cities, Michigan, Illinois, Utah, & Wisconsin).  The picture above is the young two generations (not included is the older 2).  So there were a lot of kids there.  Griffin & Eme made some great friends.  I enjoyed being able to socialize & sit around the fire while my kids slept a hundred feet away.  I'm also proud to say I finally made the family tree in my mind and know where everyone belongs.

After all the hoop-la was over and most went home, we stayed one more night.  That night, Mary Hood (there were 4 Marys there) brought us through the woods to their daughter's houses (one on each side, less than a mile away) and the deer shack.  We all enjoyed the four-wheeler rides and wish we would have gotten a picture of the kids in the car seats on the back.  When we started to go fast, I looked back at Eme and she looked a bit hesitant, but upon giving her a smile, she quickly decided it was fun.  On that ride we saw deer and the beautiful northern MN woods.

Sarah also suited up Dandy for a cart ride.  The kids were thrilled (and me too).

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  1. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Oh Tricia you are a very important part of the HOOD family tree. We (Hood's) can be a bit overwhelming in size, but we are all about family! If you think there were alot of Mary's in attendance, try counting up the number of educators present! Love you.
    Grandma Mary