Happy 1st Birthday Griffin!

Griffin turned 1 on January 11th. I can't believe he's one already... although I've felt like he was a toddler since he's started to crawl, checking everything out and into everything. He daily rearranges my cupboards and is busy playing with his new toys from Christmas and his Birthday. I think we're set until next Christmas! He has been sledding down the hill across the street and taken two spills without crying. He likes to be pulled around on the sled and take a stroller ride to the park where he swings with a permasmile. We love to be outside, but my limit is 20 degrees and depending on the day even that feels to cold to be out.

He has been walking everywhere for about a month now and thinks everything is to be tested for climbing. We started a toddler play group on Mondays in Mankato and continue to have Sophia here Tuesdays and Fridays and every-other Wednesday. This is a nice social time for all of us! They have started to take toys and run, while the other chases to try to get the toy. That is about the extent of our "playing together" besides games of peek-a-boo and babbling back and forth. I have to admit one is a great age. He is so fun... although I can't remember an age I didn't like thus far... although I do remember an age around 3 months when there was a lot of crying. I guess there is good and bad to every age?