Griffin rides on 2 wheels!

Griffin rode on two wheels on Grandma Mary's 10-10-10 birthday! Does that mean your 30?
 Happy Birthday Grandma!


Enjoy the little things

Thank you God for these little people in our life. They bring such joy
 Enjoy the little things,
 for one day you may look back
and realize they were the big things.
–Robert Brault–


It's never too late

to find joy in the ordinary
to keep your word
to smile at a stranger
to share what you love
It’s never too late… to be enthusiastic
Our attitudes influence others.
Especially those who respect us.
Lack of enthusiasm can crush their spirit.
Maintain your enthusiasm for life.
For others’ lives.
It will boost your enjoyment.
It will energize your mind
and open it.
—Patrick Lindsay—