living with keir

You may have seen the show Living with Ed where she deals with her hubby who Greens their home with solar pannels, rainbarrels, windmills, etc.  Rain barrels- check, rain garden- check, compost bin- check, smart strips- check, CFLs- check. Now my husband just informed me he's going to make a stand for his bike and put a generator on it to power his computer, batteries, etc.    Solar pannels and windmill will have to wait.

2009- we'll remember you

As you can see, I've finished my Christmas crafting... I am back to blogging.  I will show pics and possibly tutorials on what I've made this year (aprons, Matchbox car roll-up, doll roll-ups, tutus, coffee cozies, magnets, and locker clipboards).  For now, let's reflect on 2009.  Only 3 hours left.

What was great about 2009?

We worked on this list today with my family.

Watching our determined daughter accomplish so much and be so proud (standing, walking, talking, feeding herself).

Seeing G skate after loving hockey so long.

Visiting with K's aunt Carol before her battle with cancer ended and seeing the happiness and contentness on her face.

K's mom and dad catching their cancers b4 it caught them.

Having friends and family the kids love so much, they don't mind mom & dad leaving for a couple hours.

Dinner at Dino's

A movie night just the two of us.

Family finishing the mini-triathlon.

Biggest snow for many years on Christmas day.

The simple things: holidays spent with family, a family skate on the ice, playing in the leaves, sledding, sitting around the dinner table with family and friends, birthday parties, vacation, sleeping a whole night through, taking a walk with an adult to talk to, fun at the park, and snowboarding down a hill (even if it's Mt. Kato).

What's on your list... common, I know you're out there!


Christmas Letter 09

Blessings to you this Christmas season!  Keir is in the process of writing our letter to you.  Please check back.  While you're here,  please comment on what's your favorite Christmas tradition.

Some of my favorite traditions are going to see Santa and
taking a car ride through town as a family to see lights.


Our Favorite Things

Here are some of our favorite things in case you need help with ideas for the people on your list this year.  These are tried and true!
The stay-at-home mama: (besides a day at the spa & gift cards to shop for herself)
Books: The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule
I Love Dirt by Jennifer Ward
Smartwool Socks- if i could wear these all winter I would!
babysitting so she can be in the house alone for a few hours or go on a date with her hubby.

The coffee drinker:
Travel Mug, Contigo Stainless Insulated Tumbler
and the name is appropriate because it can tumble in your purse as you are trying to get the kids in the car and it doesn't spill (it has a button you push while you drink) and it stays hot for at least an hour (in case you are busy and forget about it).

The baker:
Artisian Bread in Five Minutes

The little boy (4 and under):
trains (magnetic attaching ones are easy to use), matchbox cars, car ramp,
 books about dinosaurs (and others), musical instruments,
sports equipment, footy pajamas, dress-up clothes, kid roller skates

The little girl (under 4):
play kitchen, table & chairs and cooking/eating supplies
dolls & doll care
dress-up clothes, don't forget about accessories!
books- see some of our favs on the left sidebar
Doll house & accessories
The Laurie Berkner Band DVD

The Daddy-
comfy pants for "relaxing" (esp. these Nike Fleece)
tools, clothing with fav sports team logos, Smart Wool Socks
more tools, things to put tools in, batteries for tools, babysitting so he can play with his tools