big boy

We've started pulling Griffin up to a standing position and he thinks it is so fun to see the world from that view. His face shows how proud he is of himself to be able to stand.... with a little help of course. He continues to babble up a storm and show us his cute smile. He has mama and dada wrapped around his finger. The second picture is of his big lip... I prefer to see the big lip to a cry!


2 Months Old

We went for shots today and Griffin did pretty good. Mama didn't do so good. But Griffin enjoyed his bath for the first time today! I guess he thinks since he's two months old he needs to act like a big boy... or it could have been the baby tylenol he had to relieve him post-vaccination?

He're a picture of him an Dylan Vokal. They are only 10 months apart in age.

We had our first night at another house this weekend. Taylor turned 11 so we went to celebrate with her. Happy Birthday T!