Due date....9 and a half weeks away!

I'm still feeling very well! Tomorrow we have our 30/31 week check-up and are on a every two-week basis for check-ups now.

Volleyball is over and I am finishing my last week at St. Clair long-term subbing. I'm a bit worried I won't know what to do with my time! I will be subbing on a daily basis and hope to help in the basement as much as possible and possibly do a little shopping for baby (car seat, diapers, etc.)

I'm starting to feel anxious to play some volleyball and do some running.... hopefully that'll stick around until after the baby is born!

My mom and dad came over last weekend. The boys worked on the basement while mom and I did a good cleaning of the kitchen cupboards and drawers. It's funny to think that in a year there'll be little hands playing with those pots and pans and tupperware!


3rd Trimester!

27 Weeks Along: As growth continues, baby weighs in at over 2 pounds (1 kg). And because his/her body is more developed, measurement no longer goes from rump to crown, but from tip to toe—about 15 inches (38cm)! Baby can suck his/her thumb now, which is actually a good thing! It helps calm him/her, while also helping to strengthen jaw muscles and encourage the suckling reflex. Baby can even cry now, but we won’t be able to hear him/her.

I'm almost able to reconginze some of these baby parts moving around in there. Yesterday I swore it was a foot pressing against my skin!


92 days?!

Yes, only 3 months to go! Baby is on the move and you can see it pretty easily when you watch my tummy!

Baby is over 2 pounds and 14 and a half inches long. Here is a picture, not the one I wanted to send as we can't find the one with the dogs that we wanted to post. So here's my 26 week picture.