A New Tradition

Griffin had his last day of school (pre-preschool) this week.
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With it, we started a new family tradition of going to the DQ on the last day.  The kids were thrilled to have their first ice-cream cones on the season.
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Mama was thrilled to have a night off of cooking.  I've been in a what-to-cook slump!  Do you have any great spring recipe ideas (preferably quick to make).  Our time playing outside each day is growing, so I have little time to cook!


Spring's first hike

We took our first hike of the season to Rasmussen Woods in Mankato.  It's a great place for kids hiking wood chipped trails through the woods, downed trees to climb and lots of space to explore. The trail also leads through a small prairie area, cliffs and a floating trail leading to the Red Jacket Trail.  Griffin hiked the whole way, while Eme hiked some and then I carried her in the Baby Bjorn.  She's nearing the max weight, so I'm looking into a different carrier called the Ergo, which holds up to something like 50 pounds and can go on the front or back.  

While at the Woods, the Elk's Center was open with an open activity for kids.  There was a group volunteers leading them in digging for worms.  Unfortunately, Griffin had hiking on his mind, so we didn't participate.  When we came back they had taken their worms and made paintings with them.  Not so pretty but looked like fun!  Unfortunately the funding for the center has been cut back by the city and there is no longer an official children's group.  BUMMER!  However, hopefully ECFE will be able  provide some nature classes next fall in conjunction with the Elk's Nature Center.  I'll keep you posted, when it's an official go! 

For now, get those kids out to enjoy nature.  They love it and it's good for them!

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Easter Preparation

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Grandma always has great activities for the kids
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The colors are so beautiful with the mix of white and brown eggs.  From Drop Box
Troy is always "horsing" around.  From Drop Box
Grandma is always busy making something yummy to eat. From Drop Box
The coloring continues.  Josh and Eme work with one egg at a time while the master works with four.From Drop Box
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Happy Easter.


summer visits

If feels like summer (77 degrees right now) in Minnesota and it's only April 1st. WCCO claims march had no snow this year and was the 5th highest average temp at 41 degrees. I guess it got all snowed out early this winter. Now we won't be hearing it was a long winter this year.
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With the warm temps the garden is prepped for the perennials to show their little green leaves (my favorite time), the peas and greens seeds are planted, the dwarf irises can bloom, the daffodils are showing promise of blooms this year, and the trees are starting to bud. The birds have been busy singing songs and building nests. I thing we should put some colored yarn out today so we can spot it in their nests! Both kids helped break down the old stems of the Joe Pie Weed and have been putting to use their gardening gloves digging in the garden and the pots with left over sand from the winter arrangements. Oh how we've missed the simple joys of outdoor play.
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Forgive me on my late post. I've taken on watching another little 18 month old and let's just say my leisure time isn't what it once was.

Enjoy the spring! We sure will!
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