Gratitude Wrap

For my sister-in-law, Megan, I made this Gratitude Wrap. It holds notes, note pad, pen & stamps. The directions you can find at Soule Mama (look at the left column for the pdf). Not too tough, but the binding gets me every time as I'm not a patient sewer and will skip pinning if possible. I think this fabric is something special as it was my Grandmother's (or Great-Grandmother's) table cloth. I love the colors and decided to add the green binding to accentuate the green. Hopefully Megan loves it too!

Other things I'm sewing: Birthday Garland to re-use for birthdays and Birthday Crowns (both inspired by Soule Mama), but this post is what I'm using for the colors and accessories (http://juicy-bits.typepad.com/juicy_bits/2008/09/32-felt-birthday-crown-tutorial.html).

What are you crafting lately? Not crafting? I understand, in the summer, crafting sometimes sits as we play outside! BTW- my family has agreed to do a home-made Christmas this year so we are to draw names in the next week to start the process! I have some ideas for a few people, so we'll see who we draw. I also have been taking notes for the kids as I run across things. If you have ideas for kids, do share!


Team Nickel Enters Lamberton Triathlon

The Nickel family entered 9 people of the 15 in the Lamberton Triathlon today, making up 7 "teams". 6 as individual racers and the three kids on one team The majority of us came in the top ten with a first place (Troy, with a new time record) and third place (Travis)! Way to go all and super way-to-go to the kids team. Derek ran the 2.5 miles, Taylor biked the 9 miles and Hallie swam the 200 yards. So, no it wasn't an Iron Man, but a good place to start for us new to the triathlon circuit and all of us who didn't put many hours of training.
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Little boy, you're such BIG fun

Terrible two's? I don't think their terrible. We do have our terrible moments, but I'd have to say I enjoy this age tremendously. He enjoys so many things and can voice his excitement causing it to be a mutual enjoyment.
He is very curious and loves to try anything... bike, swim, holding a toad, fish, or spider. This curiosity makes riding in the car fun. We look for tractors, skiddies, backhoes, excavators, motorcycles, baseball fields, golf courses, etc.
He gets excited over little things; for instance the other day, we came across the hockey curtains Keir's mom gave to us. He got so excited about these "blankets". I explained they are curtains and we can maybe put them in his big boy room. Who'd have thought a 2 year old would get excited over curtains that are over 20 years old?
His new phrase is, "I will" (thank heavens!) and if I ask him to go put his shoes on so we can go to the park, he replies, "I will!"
He voices concern like asking Daddy to wait until Mama's ready to go so he doesn't leave Mama behind.
He wants to sit on your "yap" while reading books and likes to lay next to you or be held when he's waking up.
If you tell him to stay on the driveway to ride his bike, he does while you clean out the garage (yes, still a work in progress). Really, those of you without kids do NOT understand the hugeness of this one!
The other day he was laying between Keir and I and said, "I yub you guys". We love our sweet and curious boy too.


When we were on vacation we woke one morning to invitations on our doors. How exciting! They were invitations to a Big Splash in the pool. So the 15 of us (Troy out with his appendectomy) lined up at the edge of the pool after much anticipation and excitement by the big kids. The young and old jumped at once... or close to the same time. If you watch carefully it's Griffin that is the last one to jump, equip with his life jacket and a swim noodle (his newest favorite swim toy). Emerson and Grace were both held by Mamas and who tried their best to keep their heads above water. Watch carefully for two people who felt the need to plug their noses. Two people whom felt the need for swim goggles. And one leaper who went for height not splash. We all had a "splash and a good swim" and "drip dried on the sand"... no wait that's One Dog Canoe (oneanoganoe... like Grace says).


Sweet baby

Babies are so sweet. Why can't they stay that way? These little ones steal our hearts by being so happy and cuddly. They love hamming it up and being adored by you.

I remember this feeling when Griffin was 4 months old. Enjoying this moment of babyhood and dreading that it will not last forever. I was surprised that I didn't feel it with Emerson until now. I have said, I am enjoying this baby much more because I'm not a nervous wreck! So I've been watching her close and taking her all in. Enjoying these babbles, slobbery open-mouthed kisses, adorning looks, seeing her waddle over to you, baby laughs, messy meals knowing they will not last forever. So here's to my baby girl... I love watching you love being a baby.

Next to come: The Joys of 2 year olds


Ahh, vacation

We're back from vacation! A week up in Northern Minnesota with two toddlers went well. We all had fun on the beach, in the pool, on the volleyball court, fishing, and hanging out with my family. I recall saying twice that, "I am now sitting down to read." (which I must say is very sparse with these two). However, I did not get a book even started, just a few magazines browsed. Wow, how life has changed in the past two and a half years! Vacation is a different sort of vacation. I'll explain more when I get finished sorting through my people pics, for now I'll show you my artsy-pics!