Life with two wee ones

Emerson is a little darling. I've caught a few glimpses of the little satisfied smile. She has an alarming cry for such a little thing, but other than that she's living the life of an infant... and now I remember what life with an infant is like. They eat, sleep and poop and you want to watch it all. But with all the hustle and bustle around here, I'm not doing as much baby watching as I did in Griffin's first week... sorry Emerson! I do enjoy it all the same. Those funny faces as she drifts off to dream land and taking in every moment when she's awake. Smelling that new baby smell and touching her soft skin. Those little fingers, toes and squeaks are so precious.

Griffin is taking to brotherhood just fine. He runs to see her when he hears her cry, sings her songs and likes to touch her and say "nose, head, etc". However one has to keep a close eye on him as he's lightening fast at getting to her and doesn't always have a gentle touch.

The hustle and bustle has included many good friends and family. You are not only helping welcome Emerson into our lives, but also helping finish the basement. It's been a work-in-progress for quite sometime (initially it was going to be done before Griffin's birth), but lately they've been working super hard. First electrical, moving the "things in storage" out to the garage, insulation, sheet rock, mudding & taping, texturizing (all before Emerson came). Last weekend they primed, painted and worked more on electrical. Wow, we have great friends and family to help us turn this shack around! Today Dad and Keir started putting in the flooring! It's going to be great!

So thanks to all for your hard work! We can't wait to enjoy the basement with you and have a guest room for you to stay! Also, thanks for welcoming Emerson to this world with open arms. We're so lucky to have a strong support group to help raise her. We love you!
Here is the link to the latest gallery of Emerson's birth + first week.



Hi, I'm Em

Here's a picture of the hair!

We love hearing from you all so please post your comments!!

Thanks for all your well wishes! We certainly appreciate them all.


She's here!
Emerson Joy Asher arrives at 12:25 weighing in at 7.02lbs and 20 3/4 inches long.
Mom and 'Em' are doing great!
Dad didn't faint!

More later.....

Sleepy time

All the prep work is done. Now we wait. While we wait, Tricia rests. I'll watch Team USA thump Japan in men's volleyball. This time around, daytime TV kicks the snot out of the time we were here when Griffin was born. My apologies to Charles Nelson Riley.

We're here and ready.(?)

Its "go time" for the Asher family. Grif has been left in the loving care of Gama and Gapa Asher soon to be joined by Papa and Gama Nickel and neighbor Jeannie and Bill. When we left, he was happily mowing the bedroom carpet.

Spirits are high, and I don't mean Bombay or Grey Goose. We all know life will be very different, again. Nearly all aspects our lives together(Tricia and I) have been scheduled. Kinda weird.

Back to business. They are drawing blood, prepping and waiting. So, nothing exciting, yet, except I did decide to mix grapefruit juice AND pineapple juice together this morning. Now THAT is excitement.


The belly wave

While watching tv in bed and feeling/seeing my stomach do the wave, I thought, if this (being pregnant) is the last time this is happening to me, I better get this on tape. So, prepare yourself if you haven't seen a pregnant women's belly move b4. It's something else.

I guess the baby likes the Olympics too!

Last day of being pregnant!

Will it be Willamina or Willard Asher? Just kidding.. and actually Willamina was the name of my Great-Grandma"Minnie", so don't be writing any complaints. Here are the boy & girl clothes we're bringing to the hospital... which one will we see worn? And yes, that is my belly that accidentally got in the photo. I guess the baby wanted to vote.

Next question, will we decide on a name? We have 3 girl names picked out and I have one boy name I'm hooked on. Will he sway and give in? I'm waiting for a boy name proposal we can agree on, but none have come up... stay tuned!


Big Helper

The guys have been working hard on the basement. Yesterday sheet rock went up and currently they are mudding and taping. Hooray! A big shout out to those who were willing to give a little muscle, brains and time to help out. We really appreciate it!

Here's Griffin in his winter hat (what is it with hats & shoes?) plaing with his skiddy.


Family Reunions Fun?!

Here we are at Old Muskego Church on/near the UofM campus. It's a church that ties back to Hood roots. http://www.exploreminnesota.com/listing.aspx?EntityID=8481

Keir's aunt Carol and uncle Ben organized a weekend of festivities at their home in Shorview. I was a bit skeptical going in as I didn't know many of the "Hoods", but everyone was great and full of personality! Thanks for the great weekend!