Lamberton Triathlon

Another year of racing in the Lamberton Triathlon.  Team Nickel succeeds.  This year we were not as ambitious and created two teams while Troy did individual race compared to last year, the big kids formed a team and the 6 adults each competed indiviually.  Maybe next year we can shoot for individual races again.

As you can see the little kids and Grandma and Grandpa were big supporters once again.  Thank you!

If you are interested in trying a triathlon the Lamberton Tri is a great race to start with a 2 1/2 mile run, 9 mile bike and 200 yard swim.  Entry fee was $3 per team or individual racer.  So get those running shoes, bike & goggles and start training for next year (ok, wait for next May to start, you'll be fine).


  1. Sorry we didn't make it out there to cheer you guys on...I had very good intentions, but my girls aren't very early risers (which I'm totally fine with, as I'm not either, haha!) and we didn't really get going for the day until after the race was over! How did everyone do?

  2. Love the photos!