Elite Photography Fundraiser

If you are looking to get your child(red) photographed and are in the Mankato Area.   There's a great fundraiser I'm selling tickets for. Here are the details:

Elite Portrait Design 2010 Fundraiser

Let me know or call 507-386-1971 today to schedule your session and mention my name.

Donate $10 and receive one FREE studio portrait session and one FREE 10x13

March 31, April 1-3, 2010 9am-6:30pm - limited sessions available.

Tell your friends!  This fundraiser is open to all!


I love their work.  See it here: Elite Photography  

If you are in the Twin Cities, I recommend Vokal Photography.  You may know my friend, Jan.  She does great work.  I wish she were closer.  She does a fall park date you may want to sign up for!  See our picture under shared moments together when Griffin was 6 months old.


a week in pictures

The snow is changing. We've had a wonderful white winter.  If the snow melted a bit and became all brown on top, snow fell soon after and made it all pretty again.  However a day or two near 40 degrees this week is changing the snow.  We welcomed this warmer weather by going for stroller rides, bike rides, and playing outside.  The snow is hard and crunchy in the morning, but by afternoon it's soft and sticky.  Eme likes to dig in and throw it in the air and knock of the icicles.
From Drop Box
Griffin likes to find icicles and throw them on the driveway watching them smash into small pieces.

From march10
We enjoyed the frosty scenes on the deck glass this winter
From march10

From march10
This week brought a full moon by night and a bright sun by day

Bean fun:
From march10
I made this

From march10
the kids enjoy playing with the beans and containers, spoons, measuring cups, etc.

From march10
and I cut out pictures of kids and we stuck them on clear contact paper for some new posters

From march10
We went on a stroll with friends on the Red Jacket Trail

From march10

From march10

Our son likes to "dress" himself and wear a "breather" for when he's underwater

From march10

From march10

and Eme eating spaghetti :-) click the photo to see the video

Have a good weekend!