Griffin's on the move! He easily covers a 6 foot area when playing. The baby gate is up. Today he crawled about 3 "steps"! He is standing next to everything and is figuring out he can also move a bit while standing. Oh boy, time to baby proof! He also loves to hear "SO BIG!" when he lifts his arms.


7 months and almost movin'

Forgive me for not posting sooner. The little guy has been keeping me busy. He now wants to pull himself to standing. This is great, but means he bonks his head a lot more, so I keep a close watch on him to try to prevent so many from happening. The last month has brought out the monkey in him. He now enjoys climbing on people and is getting up on all fours on the floor. He found out he can sit up all his own if he's on his tummy on the floor.... and crib. It was a surprise to find him sitting in his crib a couple times this week!

Last weekend he went to his first wedding (Congrats Randi & Clayton!) and meet his aunts, uncles and cousins from TX. He also met his great-aunt, Debbie from CA and spent time w/ the Great-Grandparents. Two weeks before that I ran vb camps, so we spent our first days apart. The grandmas and Sara (who's going to do daycare for us) took great care of him and I didn't have to worry about him being unhappy while they were apart.

Next week volleyball season starts so Griffin will be going to daycare, spending time with his little friend Sophia (two months older than him). I'm sure he'll be learning all kinds of tricks from her!