ohhh, ahhh, goo!

Griffin is sure talking up a storm these days. Well, baby talk that is. And maybe not quite a storm, but if we repeat what he says he enjoys it and talks back... in a good way!


5 week pics

All smiles! I finally captured those smiles I was telling you about. I also had to post his Tough Guy picture. Thanks Bettendorfs for this cute outfit!


We've seen a few smiles! Yes, many while sleeping on a full tummy, but also a few while awake! Mommy swears he was smiling at her the other day cuz she is so funny and he had to express it some how. We went to the mall to walk a couple times this week. We were going a bit stir-crazy in the house. Griffin seems to like the car seat as he sleeps everytime we go out. We're growing so big, it's a bit sad to see our little baby-cakes growing out of his newborn clothes already!