a new family member

a fish!

Griffin is officially out of diapers.  He has been in undies since last summer, but he still wore diapers at night. Until Dada forgot to put on a diaper one night.  He woke up dry to our surprise and we never did go back to diapers.  So for a little "Way to Go!" reward, he got a fish.

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Any suggestions on names? Dada suggested Mikko Koivu (G's favorite Wild player). While I thought we might go with a potty training name like Puddles. Griffin thought maybe a Valentine's Day theme like Honeybun or Sweetheart (he actually thought of these himself (However we did have Just Dog home from the library where they suggest these names)!

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is that the noise of a firetruck?    We didn't actually hear a fire engine siren when we visited the fire station this week with Griffin's class.  The kids had fun climbing in and taking hold of that big wheel.  After playing with dress-up clothes at school and riding in those "fire engines" they were all excited to see the real deal.  The teacher also had 2 foot long sections of garden hoses cut.  Perfect for putting out "fires" in the classroom.  Now I know what to do with that next hose that goes kaput instead of just throwing it away!

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a little something to do

What can we help with?  Have you heard this while you're cooking?  My kids can help with taking labels off the cans while I'm getting the chopping done.  Sometimes I end up getting a few extra cans from the cupboard and marking them when their done just so they have something to do.   They end up ripping off the labels, picking up all the paper pieces from the floor and throwing them in the garbage, and sometimes rolling them and stacking them.  I think cooking with kids is great.  Griffin is at the helper age and taster age (3) and Emerson, well she does more tasting.

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Daddy's Girl

Keir keeps saying, "I don't want her to change. I love this."  She is pretty darn sweet right now.  
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She loves playing tea party
talks in a funny little voice when she plays with her little babies
loves to snuggle
has a funny little run
gets excited and squeals
says "hi" to everyone (and now says "Hi Eme" to everyone)
pretends to talk on the phone, says "heyyo" and then giggles like the person on the other end said something funny)
talks about her cousins daily
sets the table and says each person's name "Maya, Gracie, Grandma, Gosh (aka her little friend, Josh)..."
says "yub you"
wants to be held
cooks on her little kitchen and says "Eme cook supper"
follows other little girls around
loves babies (real and pretend)
plays mama; kissing, reading to and rocking her babies
likes to run with her brother
and the list goes on...

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We love you oodles!


Picture perfect winter

It has been a beautiful winter. Nearly daily I feel the urge to get out the camera and snap shots out the window. Some day I'll get geared up and actually get outside to take close-ups of the frost, sparkling snow, magical falling flakes, icicles, and snow tracks. Today we even saw frost that looked like a spider web flapping in the breeze. Isn't nature awesome?!

For now, we'll adore these little eyes peaking out.

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Yesterday-love day

I hope your Valentines was spent with someone special.

We have been gearing up for Valentines for some time.  Here's the two little ones making Valentine's originals.

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Eme thinks markers are quite special to use.  Mama not so much as she always ends up coloring her face?!

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Then we went to the post office to mail some special Valentine's.

Griffin had a special day at school on Thursday and often wants to look at his "prizes" from his friends.

Friday we took the kids to the YMCA for swimming. Emerson hasn't stopped talking about swimming.  We'll go back soon Eme.

Saturday we met good friends, Ella, Claire & Jenn at the Sweetheart dance.  All liked to dance to the DJ.  Making valentine's brought pride to both Eme and Griffin.  Coming in third was the special treat- cookies and juice.

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This is how we spent our actual Valentine's day
this is what we woke to:
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After church, lunch and naps, we had a special treat and opened our Valentine's.
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 Happy Valentine's Day!


You and me babe

me & my love

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Bowling on our date weekend.  Last weekend my sis picked up the kids and brought them to Grandma & Papas.  They took really good care of them all weekend while Keir and I caught up on some "us" time & worked on projects.  Thanks you three!  How priceless to have a weekend just us two after 3 years of parenting.

This is as much as I cooked that weekend.

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Again, priceless to take a break from cooking and clean up.

What else did we do on our date nights?
First we went to Avatar 3D.  We were both awestruck.

We ventured out to the new restaurant, Number 4.  Check out the beautiful decor.  We left stuffed with all kids of goodness.  We started out with
Number 4 House Red, California: West- 4 stars (out of 5)  wow, who knew a blend would be so good?!
A blend of zinfandel, petite syrah, pinot noir, merlot and syrah. Blackberry and vanilla with a hint of cloves and bay leaf.

Scallops- I rate it 4 stars 
Tortilla crusted sautéed scallops with Cajun and sweet corn grits and a mole verde and jalapeno mango slaw


Lobster Bisque- oh, even more yum!  4 stars
A velvety creamy lobster bisque made from real Maine lobster and touch brandy and finished with lemon creme fraiche, collops of lobster claw meat and chives

Chilean Sea Bass- I give it a two stars, not the flavors I prefer
Pan seared Chilean sea bass with white cheddar grits, garlic sautéed spinach with a citrus pan sauce


Pork Lo-mein- three stars, good flavor, a little soupy
Crispy tempura battered pork loin atop a spicy sweet and sour lo-mien with roasted corn and julienne vegetables

for dessert
New York Cheesecake-  3 stars, not as creamy as I like my cheesecake
a rich cake with Raspberries and pomegranate sauce

Service was wonderful.  She even gave us a gift card to come back or to the other 3 sister restaurants in town.  THANKS!  We will be coming back for sure!


Colorful Valentines

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We made Valentine's for Griffin's friends at school. We searched through all our crayons and picked out the broken ones (good separating practice for Math and fun for a 3 year old). Then we took off the paper and broke them into 1/2 inch or less pieces. We put them in the heart molds (Wilton Silicon mold) and baked them on 250 degrees for about 15 minutes (till they were melted). 
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 We pulled them out and let them cool. Popped them out of the mold and put them on cardstock that we stamped with Valentine's stamps. We added, "Have a colorful Valentine's Day." This is where I found the idea and she has a printable if you don't want to stamp.

The top of our hearts were raised, so I couldn't stick that side down. I guess I could have taken off the edges so it laid flat.
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