Halloween party 08

We went to Lamberton to stay with Grandma & Grandpa Nickel for 4 nights. Keir and the boys hunted pheasant and the moms and kids stayed back to play. The older kids did a great job planning games- bobbing for apples, find the water balloon in the leaves, and pin the teeth on the vampire. We also carved pumpkins and made Halloween cookies! Griffin loved every moment of it... except wearing the costume. Hopefully he'll be ready for that in a week.

Emerson is smiling and cooing in her second month of life. It's so fun to "talk" with her. She's also thinking she wants to roll over so has been looking over her head while laying on the ground and getting on her side.

We've all got some sort of the plaque the last few weeks with the latest being Griffin with an ear infection. His first, so we're pretty luck there. Although his eyes have swollen and been yucky along with his nose. Poor boy, hopefully he'll be better soon.

Have a Happy Halloween!


Dreams Come True

Saturday Griffin and Papa took a ride in a great big combine. When we drove up and got out he was pretty excited until I told him he was going to go for a ride. Then his face was a bit hesitant. Luckily Papa took him before he could think about it too much. Now he talks about it with pride and loves to look at this picture. He says, "It was noisy."


October brings fieldwork!

And why does this pertain to us (October bringing fieldwork)? Griffin loves tractors, combines, etc. So last night when the farmer across the road was harvesting, there was much excitement at our house. Keir took Griffin to get a closer look and of course the combine went around the grove so they couldn't get a close look. I see they didn't finish the field, so don't worry, Griffin, they'll be back.

Emerson is starting coo, which is so fun... and funny to think that it's so fun! I know she's on the verge of a social smile and we can't wait!

Here's the latest greatest pics of the kidos!