Around the house

He's earned his tractor! Finally, Griffin poo'd on the potty! Hooray Griffin!
The sibling bond... something I didn't think of when we were expecting our second child. But something I truly enjoy to watch. How boring life would be for one of them with out the other! One night they were doing their normal running about and having fun when Emerson was laughing so hard she could hardly breathe. These are the moments I'm glad my husband is home each night to share.
"Yeah!" Emerson learned to clap quite awhile ago, but now she claps whenever she's excited. The other night we were watching Wheel of Fortune (our nightly ritual) after they announced, "Wheel of Fortune!" the crowd claps and so was Emerson. This show will forever be ingrained in our family memories as Griffin used to shout the word "Fortune!" and giggle.... however it took Keir and I awhile before we could understand what he was yelling and giggling about!
Emerson's new pretty dress made by Grandma Janis. I bought one at the Farmer's Market and mom thought she should try and make more. Here's the link if you'd like one! Juniper Berries

Since I am normally the one behind the camera, I love to get a shot of me and my little ones. Here's me and Em (10 months old).

Father's Day - outdoors

Our Father's Day celebration was fun as always. The "big kids" caught some toads while the little kids and adults fished. Here are some snap shots of the day (Hallie and Derek and their Toad Abode, upside-down Taylor, the 4 ladies with similar hair-dos, the three little girls, Luci & her friend, Toad, ).


Dare Devil 2

Hum, for those of you following our site for awhile, this picture may look familiar. To review, click on the Dare Devil 2 title and it will bring you back to my post on April 1, 2008. Yes, Griffin was 15 months old when he did this trick. Emerson, 10 months... oh boy, we may be in trouble!


Swing baby swing!

The things you love as a parent! I love the thrill of:

1. Griffin getting big pushes on the swing.
2. Emerson lifting the the handle of the Lego container and doing it over and over again.
3. Griffin parking the cars in the Lego garage, driving them around and around and parking them in a line.
4. The site of Daddy after being gone to work all day... the joy on their faces... and mine!
5. Playing music together (banging the drum, playing the recorder, shaking the tambourine, and singing)... you don't want to hear it!
6. The kids giggling at each other
7. Scooping in the garden and finding a worm!
8. Playing in the puddles.
9. Griffin riding his bike.
10. Getting thrown in the air & caught.

and so much more.. each day I'm amazed at what they do & how much I enjoy watching it.


Sew Fun

Welcome baby Henry! I'm going to a baby shower for him today and this is what I created for him!
Applique onesies (hammer, tie & guitar) and a bib (with H applique) & nuk lanyard (we LOVE ours). Appliques are surprisingly easy. You use a iron-on adhesive, cut your applique and then sew around the edges. These fabrics are Full Moon Dot and Oxford Stripe by Amy Butler.

I was so inspired by some of the gifts Troy & Meg gave us when Emerson was born. They were made in CO. Here's their website. http://www.magicalscraps.com/ Etsy.com is also a very inspirational website! These are what started me on sewing. I will post some of the other projects I have made later.