Nappies going well

Emerson isn't jazzersizing... she's just sporting her new BabyLegs (similar to leg warmers). Then we don't have to worry about her little knees when she crawls & about fitting that bubble-butt in pants.

The cloth diapering is going pretty well. I was amazed when the shipment of Charlie's Soap arrived. It claims it's environmentally safe, safe, non-toxic while it works great on grease, blood, grass, blood, mildew, mustard, pine sap and poo! Currently, the last is most important. It is also flame retardant! Safe & effective for all fabrics including: silk, wool, linen, cotton and high-tech microfiber athletic and waterproof gear.
Uses only 1/8 cup per large washload, Contains no dyes, phosphates, UV brighteners or perfumes! Removes entrapped odors from microfiber athletic wear,
Hypoallergenic - Perfect for those who have sensitive skin, Will not fade your colors Non-toxic and completely biodegradable, Front-loader / HE compatible.

Can I say how great this sounds! I thought I'd just use it on diapers, but am switching 100%. Unfortunately there are only 4-5 retail locations in MN. Luckily I have about 120 loads left to get to one of them for our next jug.

Back to the cloth diapers (CD for short). I have felt very good about only adding 2 diapers a day to the trash (the night time diapers for both Griffin & Emerson). The cloth diapers fit pretty well. The only problem I've had is wet on the front of Emerson's pants after a nap the other day, a poo leg today and a little poo residue left in the pleated part of the elastic on the diaper after the wash. The first two accidents I'm going to chalk up to an inexperienced cloth diaper putter-on-er. I'm still not sure what snaps they should be on and what the fit should look like. Non-the-less my little mover, Emerson loves to roll and try to get out of diapering all-together.

So that's the update on cloth diapers!

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