cloth diapering while away

We went away for the weekend up to visit my family in the cities. After cloth diapering for about two weeks, I didn't want to put the kids back in disposables for the weekend since I was used to doing cloth. However I found it takes quite a bit of planning to prepare do so. I figured out after the kids took their naps that I should be washing all the cloth diapers. I didn't want them sitting dirty all weekend & so we'd have enough to use until we got home. We have 20 total. We usually don't use all of them because Griffin only uses them when napping or out of the house and I wash them every-other day. Do do prepare the diapers, I'd have to put the kids in disposables while washing them. Unfortunately I did not get the diapers washed and dried before we left, so it was back to the tossing of the diapers for the weekend. I also would have dreaded trying to get them washed before going to bed when we got home or while visiting up in the cities. So all turned out okay... but next time I'll be ready to try cloth on the go!

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