BumGeniuses have arrived!

Did I spell that write (hehe, i know, right)? BumGenius', BumGenius's, I'm not quite sure... Mr. Rise would be ashamed. You fill me in on the correct spelling plz! Anyway, these diapers are cute! Emerson and Griffin (until that rascal is potty trained) will be sporting BumGenius in white, zinnia, blossom, buttercup, ribbit & grasshopper (unfortunately they were out of clementine). Pictures will be soon to follow. The diapers are in the wash & the kids are sleeping.

Does Grandma want them the experience of cloth diapers tonight (if she babysits)? Just like old times, but a little easier. I'm just dreading the first poo in the diaper. Many cloth diaper mamas train their infants to poo in the potty. We'll start on that! I can't even get my 2 year old to poo in the potty. Any suggestions?

The prize for pooing in the potty for Griffin is a Case IH tractor & plow. As we drove through the implement today to check out the cool machines it hit me that they would sell tractors! We have been discussing this prize for awhile now. So in we went and quite a selection they had! Mama hid it away until the task is completed. Go, Griffy, Go!

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