Welcome Baby!

The day came and there was supposed to be a baby coming. So my ear was to the ground as I waited to hear of the news. I checked my phone, texts, email and Facebook.  Nothing!  Time to put this energy to use, so I finished these hooded towels.  Grandma Janis made Griffin, Eme, Maya & Grace hooded towels for Christmas one year and they are our favorites.  We also have one from Grandma Mary that a lady up at MSU made.  So looking at ours, I made one for each big sister, Claire and Ella.  And the last one I had to wait on the name.  Was it a girl or boy?  My guess was boy.  But finally, the text came.  Ashlynn Ray was born.  By the hair on this baby, you can guess it's Nate and Jenn's.  She has Nate's hair & isn't she beautiful?  In the texts from Jenn that day she had spelled Ashlyn and I said wait a minute, one "n" or two?  We don't know yet. So I left two.  We went to see her on Thursday night.  They are all doing well.  And Jenn loved the towels.  I think I'll be pulling the last "n" off. The two of them never talked about the spelling of the name.  When we were there the nurse, Jenny (who I coached in volleyball), came to ask her on the spelling.  Here Nate spelled the middle name Ray, and Jenn was thinking Rae.  So how did it turn out Jenn & Nate?

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