Nerstrand State Park

We had a super fun time camping at Nerstrand Big Woods State Park. It's a great camping park with wooded lots, tent pads, nice facilities, lots of birds, great hiking, and this cool waterfall. Both G & E enjoyed their first camping trip of the year. Sleeping in the tent, having a picnic at every meal, playing in the woods (climbing and walking on fallen trees & exploring), the campfire & smores. They enjoyed all of it. Thanks Amy & Joel for going with us. We had so much fun getting to know you better & learning birding facts like a pilliated wood pecker pecks 8-10 holes before using on for a nest. And Nerstrad is a great place to see the red headed woodpecker who won't be around here for much longer due to the reduction of dead trees (it's habitat). Here's an article about them from MPR
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