Happy Mama's Day

Mama's Day, a most important day to celebrate the wonderful mothers in your life and in your children's lives.  We had a wonderful weekend celebrating with the grandmothers and my sister.  We went with my parents and sister & her kids went to Red Lobster feast (sorry no pic of this).

From Drop Box
We celebrated with Keir's mom at Pub 500. 
From Drop Box
And here's my sister with her two wonderful kids.  Lora is like a second mom to my kids.  I think they could live with her for weeks and not miss me.

Thank you to all the people who step in to be a Mama to my children when I'm away or standing right there.  Grandma Janis, Grandma Mary, Lora, Megan, Jeanne, Sarah, Jenn, Heather & Jesse.  We love you all and celebrate you in our lives.  

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