Rainy Day Activity

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It's raining cats & dogs today.  A great day for a blue heron to wander around the pond, but not to play for an extended time outside.

Pardon my low quality picture, it's just so easy to grab my phone and upload to picasa compared to my camera. Using the camera I need to shoot and then plug in, upload to the computer and then upload to the internet.
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So here is what we spent a little time doing today.  Griffin made two bracelets out of fruit loops.  Eme (only 20 months) enjoyed the activity, but ate them off as soon as she put them on.  We use yarn (tied twice at the end) and taped on to a toothpick for easy threading.  Fruit loops are big and easy for Eme, while you could also use Cheerios for older children like Griffin.  It requires a little more concentration if you are looking for a longer activity.

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