When we were on vacation we woke one morning to invitations on our doors. How exciting! They were invitations to a Big Splash in the pool. So the 15 of us (Troy out with his appendectomy) lined up at the edge of the pool after much anticipation and excitement by the big kids. The young and old jumped at once... or close to the same time. If you watch carefully it's Griffin that is the last one to jump, equip with his life jacket and a swim noodle (his newest favorite swim toy). Emerson and Grace were both held by Mamas and who tried their best to keep their heads above water. Watch carefully for two people who felt the need to plug their noses. Two people whom felt the need for swim goggles. And one leaper who went for height not splash. We all had a "splash and a good swim" and "drip dried on the sand"... no wait that's One Dog Canoe (oneanoganoe... like Grace says).

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