Little boy, you're such BIG fun

Terrible two's? I don't think their terrible. We do have our terrible moments, but I'd have to say I enjoy this age tremendously. He enjoys so many things and can voice his excitement causing it to be a mutual enjoyment.
He is very curious and loves to try anything... bike, swim, holding a toad, fish, or spider. This curiosity makes riding in the car fun. We look for tractors, skiddies, backhoes, excavators, motorcycles, baseball fields, golf courses, etc.
He gets excited over little things; for instance the other day, we came across the hockey curtains Keir's mom gave to us. He got so excited about these "blankets". I explained they are curtains and we can maybe put them in his big boy room. Who'd have thought a 2 year old would get excited over curtains that are over 20 years old?
His new phrase is, "I will" (thank heavens!) and if I ask him to go put his shoes on so we can go to the park, he replies, "I will!"
He voices concern like asking Daddy to wait until Mama's ready to go so he doesn't leave Mama behind.
He wants to sit on your "yap" while reading books and likes to lay next to you or be held when he's waking up.
If you tell him to stay on the driveway to ride his bike, he does while you clean out the garage (yes, still a work in progress). Really, those of you without kids do NOT understand the hugeness of this one!
The other day he was laying between Keir and I and said, "I yub you guys". We love our sweet and curious boy too.

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  1. You have such a sweet little boy! Especially when he wants to make sure Mama doesn't get left behind...that's precious.