Sweet baby

Babies are so sweet. Why can't they stay that way? These little ones steal our hearts by being so happy and cuddly. They love hamming it up and being adored by you.

I remember this feeling when Griffin was 4 months old. Enjoying this moment of babyhood and dreading that it will not last forever. I was surprised that I didn't feel it with Emerson until now. I have said, I am enjoying this baby much more because I'm not a nervous wreck! So I've been watching her close and taking her all in. Enjoying these babbles, slobbery open-mouthed kisses, adorning looks, seeing her waddle over to you, baby laughs, messy meals knowing they will not last forever. So here's to my baby girl... I love watching you love being a baby.

Next to come: The Joys of 2 year olds

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  1. "I love watching you love being a baby"

    I love that, well said. :)