We're Here!

We arrived at 0605.

Well, 0811 and no Pentosin yet. Other "emergencies" in the area are taking precedent. That is ok. We hope the others are well. We are patient, well, I am patient. I am also not the one who has dutifully carried the child for ~10 months.
Dr. Taylor should arrive any minute now. We expect he'll speed things along. :)
Tricia is finally going to rest a bit now, while she can. As you can imagine, sleep was rough for all of us last night.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. Speaking on behalf of Tricia, we have felt them!!

-keir aka dad?

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  1. Mary Asher9:29 AM

    Speaking from experience, breaking the water bag does help tremendously. No more cushion to hold the baby in. Still praying for the three of you!

    Love you.