Thurs. the 11th to be the big day!

Baby will come tomorrow! Yes, Thursday we will arrive at the hospital at 6am to get everything started. We aren't sure if we have internet use at the hospital, but we'll try to keep the blog updated ASAP.


  1. I'll bet you're glad you finally know when the big day is going to be. Hope all goes as well as possible when enduring the miracle of life.

    We'll anxiously waiting for the news.

  2. Anonymous8:35 PM

    whoo-hoo! Little Baby Asher is going to make the grand entrance! Must be nice and comfy in there, waiting for the last possible moment to change homes!
    Everything good, positive and Easy to you Mom! Dad, stay calm!
    Deb Asher

  3. janis8:59 PM

    we're so excited and happy to be welcoming this new addition.....my number at the home is 752-7346, ask for laundry. Dad will have the cell phone on him.....best of luck for a wonderful birth experience for all!!! Love, Mom

  4. Today is Thursday, 11 Jan 07. A extraordinary day that will change your lives like none other. Congrats. My prayers are with you.

  5. Mary Asher7:26 AM

    Today is the day Baby Asher will grace this earth with it's presence! May your labor be short, easy & smooth. Be assured that God is holding your hands the entire time. Your lives will never be the same in a very positive way! God bless you! We love you Keir, Tricia & Baby Asher!

    Mom, soon to be Grandma Mary and proud of it!

  6. Mrs. Asher,

    It's Erin Goebel and Mackenzie Drager (aka: your fAVORITE health students)!! We are at Mrs. Magelee's house working on our mock trial case, and we heard the good news. Congratulations! He is such a cutie!Hope all is well and we hope you sub again!!

    Mackenzie and Erin!

    Ps. If you ever need a babysitter we would be more than willing to help you out!!