And now for the comedic stylings of......

Charles Nelson Reilly!

Can't beat that guy. To pass the time, we are watching Match Game on the gameshow network.

Contractions are getting stronger.


  1. Mary Asher3:16 PM


    You have way too much time on your hands. Get busy helping Tricia! I must have 20 friends and colleagues checking your blog! Not much privacy. Go Tricia go! Say hi to Kathy your Doula, you are lucky to have her.

  2. With all this technology we should have streaming video and a podcast. But a running commentary isn't tooo bad either.

    I expect to see the 1st pictures here.

  3. Janis3:42 PM

    Patience....good things, no great things take time.....but hurry up! We're anxious to meet that new grandbaby!!!!! Glad for the blog and being able to keep up without bugging you by phone all the time. Grandma Nickel

  4. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Yeah! Good to have time to relax and breathe a little before the hard work comes. Can't wait, I am just nervous with anxiety about being a good enough aunt to this little one. Look forward to seeing you all! Blog is awesome, how about more pictures of Tricia!

    Love all! Lora

  5. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Keir -

    Put on the catchers mask, and get out the salad tongs...it sounds like the moment of truth will soon be upon you. Don't worry you'll make a GREAT DAD. Scary thought huh?! You'll love it. Tricia - be payient with Keir and don't tell him to stop counting and move away.

    Wishing for the best


  6. Gramdpa6:12 PM

    I bielive I got the little fellow figured out. He knows he missed pheasent season and figures whats the hurry. We love you and want to help, just tell us when to push. Grandpa Nickel