where the wildthings are- and we're not talking about the kids!

Keir found a painted turtle on his bike ride the other day. Both kids enjoyed looking and touching it. Then we let it go in the pond. It was beautiful! We have started illustrating some of our daily activities to help us along in the creativity side. The Creative Family book by Amanda Blake Soule (http://amandasoule.com/book/) suggested using inspiration when drawing and coloring... duh, why didn't I think of that! After the illustration is complete, I'll write our caption or story on the back with the date. Then we'll put our daily stories all together to make a book. Soule also recommends using bird, insect, animal books for reference when drawing. I better start on our collection!

In the background you'll hear what we hear at night. This is why we like to sleep with the window open in the summer!

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  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Listen to those frogs in the background! My mother loved the great outdoors and every creature in it. She showed Keir many little creatures and explained what they were all about. So much to fill a little childs mind. The wonders of mother earth.
    Grandma Mary