playin' in the rain

You seldom think good thoughts when you hear a forecast for rain, but this morning's rain was a wonderful little warm shower. Griffin and I were lucky enough to get to play in it while Emerson was napping. Griffin had been waiting to use his umbrella, so we took advantage of our time together and mama got to take some pics while he enjoyed the moment.
It's fun to hear what's in that little head of his & how he's figuring things out... "It's a nice day out." "Under the roof we stay dry.""Emmy is too little to play hockey/ride a bike." "Look at mama's flowers!" and he often says, "What mama/daddy doing?"
The best Mother's Day gift! He walked up behind me sitting on the front step and gave me a hug from behind and said, "I yub you mama!"

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  1. Aww...too cute! I can't wait for those little moments. Well, yes, I can, because I don't want them to fly by too fast!