#2 on potty

Yes, number two child goes #2 on potty (before my number 1 child). You say, "That's amazing she's only 8 months old!" My thoughts exactly as I watched in awe last Tuesday. Since then she's went about 5 times. It all started when I grabbed a random potty training book at B&N while Griffin played with trains. I skimmed the Table of Contents and ended up starting at the beginning. They went through the normal gibberish of how children in disposable diapers train much later than those in cloth. Hum, I thought, maybe this cloth diapering will work to our advantage for this way as well! As I read more, they recommended to start potty training when the baby started eating solid foods. They said, start a routine of of putting them on the potty chair at the same time every day or do it when they normally go. Lucky for me, Em always goes poo a the same time! Now everyday when I hear she's up, I run her to the bathroom and she usually goes in the potty chair! HOWEVER, this may not be the BIGGEST NEWS... Emerson took her first step! Lock your doors... or the cupboards!


  1. Wow, that's amazing! That's pretty nice that she goes at the same time everyday. And woohoo on the first step!

  2. Anonymous9:42 PM

    use the routine idea with griffin as well and I bet potty training will click very soon for child #1