Changes happen fast

Emerson and Griffin are both changing rapidly... and did I just say last post that Griffin wasn't entering the terrible twos? I bite my tongue, as yesterday I was in the mall and praying those around us knew that this is normal behavior for a two year old. He screams when he is unhappy... whether it's getting his coat on or he wants to be "warmed up" (held with his blanket) and the most common reason for a scream is that he doesn't get the toy he was playing with because he was being naughty with it (chasing the dogs with the lawn mower or throwing a ball to close to Emerson).

Emerson, thank God, is not entering the terrible twos, but does scream. Well actually it's more like a yell. She has seized crying when she is frustrated and has turned to giving her vocal chords a try. She smiles more than ever especially upon waking. Mama is her favorite person, which you may have learned at Baptism. It was Keir's turn to hold the baby while being Baptized. Emerson wished it wasn't so. She cried the whole time until Daddy finally gave in and handed her to mom, then the crying stopped immediately... embarrassing Keir in front of a full congregation. It's okay, Keir. Many parents know that around 4 months the baby loves whom ever it gets milk from... milk man or woman. Emerson can roll from tummy to back, grabs her toys and tries to stick them in her mouth, sucks on her fists, tries to talk with her lips closed and grabbed her foot yesterday! We're still waiting for that attempt at a laugh!

Griffin's favorite words as of late are, "Let's Go Mavericks! and Ole, Ole!" Ole being the song we sing after the Mavericks get a goal. Hopefully we'll be singing a lot this weekend at the Mav/Denver game. We encourage this fun chanting... except when it happens at church... oops!

Emerson's baptism was a glorious day and we enjoyed visiting with our friends and family. Unfortunately it was the last full day of Keir's Grandmother Jean's life. We enjoyed sharing so many fond moments with her. She was quite the lady and I feel lucky to have gotten to know her over the years. We will miss her.
Emerson was given so many nice gifts to use on her walk of faith. One of my favorites is the busy bible (http://www.busybibles.com). This is a hands-on bible with stories that go along with the picture. Each picture has an activity (unsnapping the fish and putting them in the net). We are already reading many of the books as Griffin loves to listen and look at books.

Griffin is liking the sights and sounds of the season. We open our advent Calendar(s) doors each day, look at the lights, tree, and listen to Christmas songs as well as read books about the holiday. He is learning Jesus' birthday comes before his and the gifts under the tree are for others. We are enjoying getting Christmas cards and pictures. I've hung them low enough for him to look at.

We are so blessed to have one another and good friends and family. You bring us much joy and we are thankful you believe in Jesus as we do. Enjoy this holiday season 2008.

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