Kids first skate

Emerson is three months old now! She is acting like a three month old. Smiling, loving to watch her mobile and watching people as they move around. She loves to have a conversation (true girl). We're looking forward to her baptism this weekend.

If you know much about Griffin, it's that he LOVES to play hockey. So when he spotted the skates Dad brought home for him, he was pretty excited. It took us awhile to help him understand he couldn't use them until there was ice to use them on. So sometimes he calls them water skates (ice is a hard concept to get when you can't see it outside yet). Last weekend after the Mav game they had skating with the Mavricks. Keir was very excited about his, mama, not so much as Griffin has a hard time making it to the third period of a game. So off Daddy and Griffin went to the game with their skates. I was excited to hear how it went and see pictures.

I can tell Griffin is getting closer to being 2. Luckily not the terrible twos. He just plays differently. He likes to fall down, run in circles, oh, and play hockey with a helmet?! He's found one of Keir's hockey helmets that he insists upon wearing while playing hockey (which is about 3 hours a day). I'll

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  1. I love hearing about your kids! Griffin's skates are adorable too...who knew they made hockey skates that small?!