My favorite time of year

I love spending time with friends and family,

having more family time,

and seeing people all dressed up for Christmas.

We had so much fun this Christmas! As a parent of a two year old, I now remember how fun Christmas is for a child. We celebrated Christmas at my parents' house the weekend before Christmas... yes the weekend with the snowstorms. Luckily, all of my siblings were able to get home for Christmas. My parents also hosted their annual soup party for my mother's brothers and their families. So it was great to see some of the Quades and celebrate the season with them.

We spend the day with Keir's family on Christmas Eve after attending Candle Light service with Keir's parents. We had a great time with some who we don't get to see so often and enjoyed sharing the joy of our children.

Christmas day was celebrated at home with opening of stockings and a few presents. One being Griffin's toy room. He was excited and mom is too with a organized central location for all his toys! My parents and Travis came to spend the day with us! We watched a favorite Christmas movie: Nation Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Gotta love it!

All celebrations included great food, the magic of Christmas and good company. We are very thankful for our families and friends.

Below is Emerson's new trick... scooting backwards on her head. Go ahead and try!! She also has taken a liking to grabbing both feet while laying on her back. Today we had her first laugh! Luckily Keir was home to hear it too!

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