9 1/2 months old

Griffin & Keir meeting the newest Huettl! Welcome Claire!

Griffin and Grace

All dressed up for the Halloween Party!

Griffin is now playing with trucks, cars, and anything he can crawl around with on the floor. He can now stand by himself for close to a minute and is eating people food. We don't know where our baby has gone! He's now turned into a true toddler. He had his first "hunting weekend" down at G&G Nickel's. We stayed for 4 days and had a lot of fun playing with the cousins, dressing up for the Halloween Party & eating Grandma's cooking.


  1. Great Halloween Party pics! I love Griffin's dinosaur costume! (The others aren't too bad either...haha) :)

  2. Grandma Mary9:17 AM

    I love the picture of Griffin with his two month younger cousin - Grace. Obviously Griffin is showing Grace how limber he is. Both are beautiful children Love the dragon outfit also!

  3. Grandma Nickel3:50 PM

    Oh, all marvelous pics and good memories of those days......great view of the dinosaur costume!!!!! What a little man he is.....