8 months old and loving it!

Griffin is a fast little mover. He's checking out everything including the doggy door, electrical cords, rug fringe, chairs, etc. Can't take your eye off the little guy, which is okay since he's so entertaining. He makes us laugh daily. Today he waved bye-bye to daddy for the first time. He's practicing standing with no hands and pulls himself up on everything including your pants (make sure you tie the pajama bottoms!). He loves to play copy cat with sounds. He's daddy's little boy, already practicing his stick handling with the wooden spoon and foam blocks and batting the balls around on the floor (see picture). He went camping for the first time and that's where we snapped this funny photo of him in his packnplay.


  1. Grandma Mary7:55 AM

    That's my boy! I have had the great pleasure of caring for the little man every Tuesday 5-9:00pm while Tricia coaches her VB team and Keir is at nite class. Griffin, you are a much happier little man now that you can get around on your own. Visually you now have a new perspective on life and everything around you. You'll be walking before you know it. Love to all of you!

  2. Grandma Janis4:48 PM

    I agree with Grandma Mary; this boy will be walking soon! It's so fun to see him crawl and sit with one foot on the floor and his knee up; his balance is phenomenal!!!! He IS much happier when he can do so many things now. Love that smile of his!!!

  3. Grandma Mary3:58 PM


    You really need to put a picture of your adorable son out there with his kiddie walker. What a hoot! Throws his socks out the dog door, thinks he should be able to sleep with Luci & Greta. He even eats red seedless grapes now! Such a big boy! Still doesn't like to go to bed at night very easily for me. Thinks he might miss something. Little does he know that the Dogs are already in bed and it's dark outside. A mover and shaker like his mother.

  4. what a little cutie! i like the picture of him in his packnplay!