Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Some our favorite moments this year include; hearing the baby's heartbeat, going in to "have a baby", seeing our baby for the first time, holding Griffin for the first time, watching baby Griffin sleep, spending time with family & friends, hearing Griffin's voice and seeing his smile, seeing the Stanley Cup come to Mankato, watching Griffin's hustle crawl to go see another in the next room, watching Griffin gingerly walk across a room, seeing him look at Keir and say, "DADA", feeling little hands on your leg, hearing Griffin laugh, seeing his excited face, having a laugh just the two of us, sharing these moments with each other.

We hope you have many favorite things this year too! Wishing you a Happy 2008!

-Tricia, Keir & Griffin

Picture #2: Grandma Mary & Grandpa Gregg Asher (sharing their enthusiasm for the Mavs hockey w/ Griffin... see the clothes?)

Picture #3: Grandma Janis & Grandpa David Nickel with the grandkids: Hallie, Maya, Taylor, Derek, Grandpa, Gracie, Grandma & Griffin


  1. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Very nice update on your blog. And great pictures!! We saw Keir's picture in the paper. Congrats on the grant money. We want to hear more!

    "Godmom' Jenn

  2. Anonymous7:33 AM

    What wonderful pictures of everyone. As we celebrate Christmas, may we not forget what a precious gift God has given all of us in the person of Griffin! Thank you!

  3. Great family pictures! Hope to see you guys sometime around the holidays, or maybe for the stew party? I heard it's supposed to be late January this year...maybe?