The baby had it's first (kind of) camping trip this weekend. It was a bit interesting with the "3" of us and two dogs stuffed into a two person tent. I've never felt closer as a family.

Luckily the weather cooperated and it was nice a cool so I could have a barrier between the dog hair. But waking up to doggy kisses every 30 minutes was not my idea of ideal sleep. So we wore the dogs out playing in the lake and chasing each other along with taking a walk through some "hunting" land. Finally the second night I (and the baby were) was able to sleep more peacefully.

So we're finding out that this baby is allowing us to get new toys including a new(er) truck for a baby seat, a "familymobile" and now a biggger tent, and hopefully a completed basement. Thank you God for giving us 9 months to prepare!


  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Trish and Keir,

    Baby is looking great and healthy! Keep up the good work, and yes, you truly need the 9 months to get ready! I just finished a baby blanket for the little one and will be sending it to Mary's as I don't have your new address. Enjoy every minute!
    Auntie Peggy

  2. Hey Tricia. Keir & Baby Asher,

    How did that little baby react to the first win of the season for West VB? Congratulations on the win over Winona! Bring on Owatonna! Sounds like your camping accomodations were a little crowded with your furry friends in bed with you. Talk about a family bed, that may be going a little too far.