114 days to go!

Yes, I have made it to 24 weeks! I feel like I look 24 weeks or better as well. Not too much is new here. I have my next Dr. visit next week and they will then test my blood sugar for gestational diabetes (mandatory screening). We are starting to plan for finishing the basement (which will allow for a baby room upstairs). So I made a second go at getting all of the extras in bins to be neatly tucked away until we need them or space allows.

Baby weighs about 1.2 pounds and is about 8.4 inches from crown to rump (or just under 12 inches from head to heel). His or her lungs have started secreting surfactant, the substance that keeps the moist, interior surface of the lungs from sticking together; and he or she is practicing breathing. Baby's eyes are also watching for light and its ears are listening to my heart beat and my stomach growl. Isn't that amazing!

Thanks for checking the blog... sorry i've been slow to update. Pictures will come next week!

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  1. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Hey Trish!
    Where's those pictures! I want to see you! Your mom said you look so cute and that the baby moves a lot--I can't wait to meet it! I think it's a boy. For Derek's sake!